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1. What type of food do you like most?
Anything that looks yummy bt u only have to pay at a cheaper price *ilovemycountry* as for now, hmmmm, korean,japanese and malay cuisine XDDD

2. How do you style your hair?
Since im a very simple person, i have a natural wavy hair so i dont have to fix it much. Just a side parting wif a tiny cute clip at the side. *get the image* ;)

3. What is making you happy right now?
My supervisor by default at work is super nice to me. She even ask me to go around and chat wif people wen i got stress on work. Reading fanfics during work is very challenging *esp wen u can get caught by anyone* I feel so great abt it... i remember my SV found out i was reading a Yoosu fanfic when she was trying to teach me how to use a software... *win a date wif Park Yoochun is awesome* n my SV said im such a romantic person reading that at work *how cool is that* bt she didnt know its a shonen ai fic... XDDDDD

4. What are you currently reading?
Im not sure if im reading anything... i might probably say watever yaoi novel my lovely Lady min gave me last Sunday

5. Do you need music to study/write?
It depends... i can only study wen its only DBSK songs... been doing that since 3 yrs ago... hahaha XDDD as for writing... as in general writing... listening to music is preferable... unless i cant get myself to concentrate on writing that time... hahahaha

6. What was the last book you read?
OMG... its been awhile i read a novel... so i must say the last book that ive read is the Japanese textbook during exam... lol

7. What was your first car?
Probably after 6 months of work... that would be in 2 yrs time... i havent even decided which one i want... =S

8. Do you have a crush at the moment?
Currently no, but if u consider Yoochun as ur crush... that would be a yes. haha XDDDD

9. What is your favorite movie genre?
comedy, romance, adventure with bits of fantasy

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
French toast

11. What’s your morning routine?
wake up > looks at the phone alarm > goes back to sleep > wakes up after my alarm says 5.50 am > annoyed > taking my towel> taking out my clothes from the luggage > head out of room > toilet > ironing > looking at the full length mirror > prepare breakfast at 6.30 > life goes on depending on my mood XDDDD

12. What websites do you visit daily?
LJ, facebook,Aarinfantasy, Youtube, mangatraders

13.What kind of relationship do you want?
Loving, understanding with lots of hotness between the sheets *copy from Lady min* hahaha love the answer babe! Going on a romantic adventure every end of the yer exploring each country....*list going on and on*

14. Which languages do you wish you spoke?
Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish

15. What do you want for Christmas?
I don't celebrate Christmas. Sorry.

16. What are you daydreaming about right now?
Wishing that my Chun is wif me in the office right now. Cos im dead bored. He can help me wif some stuff *wink*

17. Who are you current favourite artistes?
DongBangShinKi! EpikHigh, Davichi, Tei, my evergreen Kim Bum Soo *as wat im listening right now*, Exile,Hirai Ken, Ayumi Hamasaki, K *i cant think others*

18. Where would you like your next holiday to be?
South Korea! or even Japan... i dont know, realistically probably Melbourne... if im back in Sydney early March... i havent even planned where to go during Easter Holidays... damn!

19. What is your dream car?
I havent even thought abt it yet... cos its just so much... as long as its a car and works fine i dont mine... i think... XDDD wat care is Yoochun driving again? XDDDD

20. Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
I love her... she's the su to my chun... ;DDD she's an awesome writer... ive fallen for her on her very first fic... followed her around in every updates... the usual first 10 person to comment... we talked on MSN and its amazing... we have Yoosu RP action in the convo... which i think u dont even wanna knw wat we were talking abt... hahahaha... we went crazy wen we met online... a person who believes in my judgement... a girl who gives me something wen i need support... she even give me wat i want wenever i want it... ahhahaa... well, u would love her even more wen u talk to her urself... as for the rest, i guess u need to know her for yourself.. and u will know dat im right all along... love u babe! always!

gtg.. cos im doing this at the office which i shouldnt... bt im bored, so its good haha...

as for tagging... its hard for me to do this at work since everyones eyes are on me *ok im kidding abt that* its just me and my SV now since everyone is on Christmas leave and i dont. =( Summer attachment... 5 more weeks to go... more work piling up... =( bt i believe i can do this.. cos the lovely fics supporting me during these tough period... keep it coming people... eventho i cant reply while im at the office hahhah XDDD takecare lovelies... gtg back to work... Feel free to do it on ur journal.. its fun to do this once in a while

Simply wif love,

Asuka aka izah aka PYC lover *supporting all fanfics writer all the way*
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01 October 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Seriously, do u have to ask me? hahahahaha XD i was errrr~ given a link by cherry unnie lol XD
She asked me to post it.. so yeah! XD Chun -- me! haha XD the so call chunbaby by my soulmate imie...

ps: imie, where are u love?

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Micky Yoochun

Micky Yoochun? Well, let's see... You're mean at times, but nice too. But it wont matter because of your irresistable charm. Hero JaeJoong even said that even when Micky bit something he was still cute in a way. So let this be a compliment to you, your charm is just like Micky's. You're lazy at times, and order people around to do the jobs for you. But when they need help, you're always there 100%. You're very emotional, the most. But it doesnt matter, because you love to crack jokes and have a very fun time. Congrats! You're a Micky Yoochun.

U-know Yuhno
Max Changmin
Xiah Junsu
Hero JaeJoong
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18 April 2008 @ 07:47 am
ive got a major headache recently... thinking that ive got my major exams coming up in least than 2 weeks made my life miserable.... and the assignments piling up gave me a major depression... and such... i was dissappointed in myself for not being able to actually understand wat i shud understand. Gosh~ its true the lectures was not beneficial enuf since we dont understand a thing... *shane u made me feel this way-- u skipped too many classes* arghhh~ journal review for 1500 words.... ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! it seems so gosh i wonder why i took this course anyway~ oh well.... den an essay of 2000 words =S abt Business skills which include licences, royalty and such.... this would be horrible... 

i guess might as well start studying now and less participation in detox, yoosu and hosu yongwonhi... i hope it will help~ 

asuka-chan!!! gambatte!!!
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16 March 2008 @ 07:01 pm

i know im a crappy person... i dont post fics or such things related except for commenting fics... *i could only do that*. Anyways here i am posting a msg on my journal *i hope u guys dont mind... im not using this journal exp for reading detox and yoosu yongwonhi*.

Happy BDay dearest lahmacun... *i dont realli know ur real name* i love u soooooo much... she's one great person that i respect. a cheerful girl that always made my life as cheerful as hers. She's always there when i need her... *am i exagerrating here??? -- lol* Aneways, she always got this crazy ideas and implied that on her crack fics *her cracks always the best -- seriously one of the craziest funniest jokes ever!!!* haha... and for that i love her... wen im down and tired, she gave me strength to move on wif this hectic life of mine.... i just wanted to hug her for giving me such a wonderful frenship... 

p/s: i know that no one would read this and im still writting this.... haha... well, thats one think i like abt livejournal... i dont write much... and in case my dearest fren lahmacun read this... i wish u a big happy bday.... may ur life filled wif lots of love and wonderful experience... and im glad to be ur dearest fren *a small peek on ur cheek* *huggles*

A/N: sorry for the grammar and short form... haha... english is so not my first language... 

Wif lots of LOVE,

Asuka-chan.... *hearts* 

19 November 2007 @ 11:22 pm

i guess lots of people add me these days. heee~ im not saying that u cant add me. I just felt guilty for not writting anything here. LoL. Aneways i guess i can just post my intro her. Hello people. Annyong haseyo~ *bows* asuka imnida. chum papegetsumnida. haha. sorry for the crappy korean im still learn. By da way, im not chinese, korean nor japanese. haha. Shock?? nahhhh~ haha. im just someone who loves all languages. LOL. im currently studying Petroleum Engg somewhere in Australia as an international student of course. Hee~ im still in first yer tho. Lol. Im basically not used of writing journals so people spare  me , will ya??? haha.. currently im using blogspot. so its hard for me to use bothe dont u think. Well, i guess thats good for an intro. Im thankful for those who added me to their friends list. Im honoured. I'll be checking my LJ once in a while. LOL. and for those fanfic writters, keep up the good work. tho im not used of commenting all of ur fics *used to be a silent reader* . Im so sorry if my english is all rusty cos im not an english native speaker. heee~ i have the feeling that LJ gave me everythign that i need LOL. *fanfics~~~ kyaaaa~~* *bangs head* haha. Okey see u guys soon, *off to revision*  

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